Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wet Cookies

No not wet cookies. It has been wet & I've gotten some cookies in the mail recently. As you do. (My kids are back in school and I have free time so I'm amusing myself by putting random blog titles.)

Anyhoo, as I don't work, I have free time and I spend far too much of said free time on FB, Twitter, Klout and t'internet in general. I am not generally a very lucky person. I don't win competitions. I don't win sweepstakes and prize draws. However, recently, I have 'won' a few things. I won a poster from a competition on FB and it is now framed and in my hallway.

I have gotten several 'perks' from Klout but I will admit I have absolutely no idea what their coring system is all about and how they work out what topics I am 'influential' in. I've gotten stuff varying from books to tea to  energy drinks to t-shirts to gift cards.

Recently I won a box of cookies & brownies from The Protein Bakery through a competition on Bella Vivere: Life a Beautiful Life blog. I was nice though and kept 2 cookies for myself and let Ben take the rest to his work. Although I am not entirely sure he is sharing them and I think he has kept them all for himself.

Following this minor success I am going to enter more competitions to see if I can win anything else. My big plan is to win a car or a house or $1million. Actually I'm just happy winning cookies and stuff like that. Would make for a fun tax return if I won anything bigger!

Winning a car would be good as our car really is rubbish, but it does get us from A to B. It's not a nice new car but it is not likely to get stolen by anyone! We only have the one car and Ben has had it for the last couple days so I've been home and not out on the roads terrorizing the South Carolina drivers. Just as well really as it rained a little bit yesterday. No where near as bad as the rain the Gulf of Mexico that has just hit New Orleans but it was enough for me. The back of our house now resembles a swimming pool. If I had a pair of wellies it wouldn't be so bad but I don't and I'm not standing in it wearing flip flops!

The kids have been back in school for a week now and I am slowly getting back into a routine. (I went out with friends on the Friday after school started and had a drink to celebrate the end of summer break! 11 week is a long time!)

 I had planned to start writing again the very day they went back to school but circumstances prevented that. Tomorrow will be the day. It will. It will I tell you!

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