Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hair & Heat

Frizzy is usually the best word to use to describe my hair. The humidity in the South is ridiculous. I have all manner of products upstairs in the bathroom that are supposed to calm/tame/deal with frizzy hair. Sometimes they work but more often than not they don't. In the UK I only had to deal with frizzy hair if I had been out without an umbrella and it rained. That was a lot of the time I will admit though.

In Northampton the salon I went to to get my hair cut and colored would cost me about £100 and where I go in South Carolina it costs me, including a $20 tip, $156. If you were to ask Ben he would say that both of those prices amount to daylight robbery. Of course this would be coming from a man with no hair at all on his head. Even when we take Z to get his haircut, like we did a few days ago, it was about $15. K wants her hair cut but she seems to forget the fact that she won't be able to wear her hair in a ponytail and all her bobbles will be redundant. She may want short hair one day but I can guarantee the very next day we would have a hissy fit because her hair isn't long enough to braid.

In order to save money for a while, I resorted to coloring my hair at home with boxed hair dye. I haven't used it since January and the black is still in bits of my hair! I have been trying to go lighter and my new stylist has been doing it gradually.

I had been wanting to get my hair all chopped off and have it short again as the summer heat was getting a bit unbearable. We are now in Fall though so it should start to cool off a bit. Not always be near 100F everyday and the humidity should not be so full on. You'd think so wouldn't you? I checked the weather for Mount Pleasant for last winter, specifically December. I am wondering when I am going to be able to wear all of my sweaters again as there is no chance of me wearing them just now. Lets just say the weather in Mount Pleasant and the weather in Carmel were a bit different. (Temperatures shown are in Fahrenheit not Celsius)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween and Curry

We went to a fantastic Halloween Party last year when we were living in Indiana. Ben recently started going on about the fact he wanted to go to a party this year and he was contemplating hosting one in our tiny house.

Today however, one of his co-workers gave him an invitation to a party they are hosting.

If this is the invitation then I can't imagine what the party will be like!

Only me and Ben are invited so we need to get 2 Halloween costumes and a babysitter sorted out in the next couple of weeks. I asked our neighbor if there were many trick or treaters last year as we had no one come round to our house in Carmel. I suppose it is a good thing that my neighbor said they got LOADS of trick or treaters come round and that she actually ran out of candy and he husband went out for more. (She had said she would have been happy to just switch off the porch light!) So, I guess I am going to be making a trip to the store to get some bags of Halloween candy.

 Ben has also decided to have a curry night and has invited a bunch of people round for homemade curry. We are going to have to buy some bar stools or something as we don't have enough seating for everyone that is coming. One good thing is that he has said he will have to do a couple practice runs of making some curries before everyone comes round. Need to make sure that it tastes just right. I am more than happy to be the taste tester as Ben makes a very good curry. Just need to find some naan bread, popadoms(sp) and chutneys too.

Monday, September 24, 2012

An Update with Pictures

So, K is back with the Girl Scouts and is now a Brownie.

They both got their interim reports from school today and Z seems to be teaching his teacher as well as her teaching him. He has been moved to a new class today and is not totally happy about it. The sheer volume of 3rd graders in the school has meant it was necessary for them to get a new teacher at the school and he is one of the kids who has been moved. His 'girlfriend' Hailee has not been moved but there are some of his friends in the new class. He said several kids in the old class gave him a hug before he moved to the new class.

I have started sending Postcards to random strangers. I signed up to Postcrossing and am planning on creating an art project with the postcards I receive. Today I got my first postcard in the mail which was sent from Australia.

I am planning to do the Go Dirty Girl Mud Run in Charleston next April. I am trying to get a group of girls from the area to do it with me. So far I have 2 people but would like some more. Add to that my plans to go to San Diego for Comic Con and New York City for a rollerblading thing Ben wants to do, and of course me and the kids have to go to. I should get about the country quite a bit. All being well I should anyway.

I complained about the fact World Market have stopped selling British Cadbury chocolate and I put out a call for help from friends and family. My brother, a friend from the UK and a friend from Carmel, Indiana all sent me proper British Cadbury Dairy Milk bars in the mail. (My friend in Carmel managed to sent me some as her lovely husband had just been to Canada and bought some chocolate whilst he was there.) I would still like some Battenburg cake and some Mr Kipling cakes/slices. Thank you in advance. :)

Oh what else has happened recently? Oh yeah, Ben had LASIK surgery and he looked like this! He'd taken a Valium before the surgery so that is why I think he was ok with me taking his picture!

He has to go to the DMV to get his licence updated to show that he no longer needs to wear glasses but he can't go to the local DMV as only US citizens can get their licence issued/altered there. He has to go to Charleston to the office on Leeds Ave for it. Let me tell you that it is a barrel of laughs down there!

We all went to the Charleston Scottish Games that is held by the Scottish Society of Charleston. It was, um, interesting to say the least. Here are some pictures I took on the day.

Well, I think that is enough for now. Z wants to use the computer so he can look up facts about barracuda and various other sea animals and fish. I think I'll watch some of the Ellen Show whilst he does that.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3rd Grade Homework

Z is doing his homework and 3rd Grade definitely has more homework than 2nd Grade! Learn 10 vocabulary words for a test tomorrow, he will get 5 more vocab words tomorrow for a test on Friday. He will also have a map reading test he needs to study for and he is starting to learn South Carolina history. He also has to read a book and discuss with me connections he makes with the book and his real life. He has a math home link worksheet to complete as well. He also has to type, yes type, his 20 spelling words in alphabetical order and 'type more words using different consonant blends'! He also has to read for 20 minutes every day. This is not difficult as he reads for about an hour and a half every evening. This is week 3 of 3rd Grade!

Monday, September 10, 2012

"Wave at the Bus"

I have often told my kids if they annoy me/misbehave/fail classes when they are at high school, I will drive them to school in my robe and get out the car and hug them in front of their friends or I'd stand in my pj's and wave at their school bus. However, I have just found out about the blog "Wave at the Bus" and I think it is awesome! Not sure what my kids would make of it or if I would remember to do it everyday but I love it!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Expat Guide from The Telegraph

I recently did an interview with a journalist from the Telegraph newspaper for an Expat Guide they were creating. I have just found out it is now online and I have downloaded my free copy. (My profile is on p60-64 and I get a couple other mentions throughout it.)

I also have an interview on the British Expats website which can be found here. All opinions stated are mine and mine alone. If you don't like them, well tough!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Any friends or family willing to send me care packages will be greatly appreciated!

If I am friends with you on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter then you will already know about this annoyance. If you are thinking, "enough already with the moaning about it. It's just a chocolate bar", you can just bugger off.

I wrote on World Market's Facebook wall asking about why there was no British Cadbury's Dairy Milk bars for sale online or in their stores and they replied asking me to email them. I emailed them the exact same question and they replied to me. This is what they said.

I blame Kraft foods. They bought Cadbury's for an obscene amount of money in 2010 and they probably want people to buy the Hershey's version of Cadbury's rather than the British version. However, due to the disparity between the number of places in the US you can buy Hershey's Cadbury's to the number of places you can buy the British Cadbury's would mean that they can't be losing that much money. I seriously would rather eat vomit than eat Hershey's Cadbury's. Ghirardelli chocolate is ok and I will eat that. I can't eat really rich chocolate or plain/dark chocolate. It does make me physically sick. In my personal opinion a lot of American chocolate tastes stale. It sort of tastes off. I know this is because I was brought up with the British stuff but so what. I do not like Hershey's chocolate. My kids will probably be fine with the American stuff as they get older as their taste buds will adapt to it. Plus we don't give them much chocolate anyway as they are kids after all and kids should not eat too much chocolate. Their mother on the other hand is a different matter altogether.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lose the Coke Lose the pounds.

I gave up Diet Coke 2 weeks ago. In the time since I have lost 6lbs. I have been drinking more water than I usually do and will admit my skin is looking better. I have not wanted to injure anyone as I was expecting to as I know I was addicted to it. I may not smoke or do drugs but I was, and suppose still am, addicted to Diet Coke. I would drink loads of it. Not good for you I know but I think I was blinded by the amount of calories printed on the can/bottle and subsequently forgot about the shed load of artificial sweeteners that was in it. I will persevere with it and hopefully continue to see the lbs fall off. After all if I am going to Comic Con next year, please, then I want to look half decent as you never know who you could meet.

I'm So Sweet

Continuing on from the Crunchie bars in my last post. Yesterday I made something that is very similar to Twix bars. One bonus with making your own candy bars is that you can make them as big or as small as you want them to be. US food portions are traditionally huge and the same can be said for a lot of candy bars and candy portions in general. I like Milk Duds, one of the few Hershey chocolates I can actually stomach, and discovered that I can get a 'movie box' for about $2. (This is a lot cheaper than what you actually pay at the movies and yes I do buy them and then sneak them in in my bag along with 2 bottles of Diet Coke. Of course that will need to change as I have recently given up Diet Coke. 2 weeks now and I have not injured anyone yet.)

Anyway, I got a Christmas cookbook the other day and whilst flicking through it I saw a recipe for Caramel Cookie Candy bars and decided they looked really like Twix bars. So, I bought the ingredients, a candy thermometer and set about making them. It is just as well really as all the Crunchie bars I made have now all gone! I will add not by me. The 2 small people I live with seem to have eaten them. I managed to make the new candy bars and there is about 50 of them in the fridge at the moment and I am debating whether or not to freeze some. It would seem though that Ben thinks the cookie base tastes more like shortbread and he is not too keen on that. (He doesn't like shortbread, salt 'n vinegar crisps, meringue and he does like mushy peas. I am amazed we have been married as long as we have been. My next husband had better like everything I do!) That was a joke by the way. I know no one will like everything I like. That was also a joke. 

I am now going to take a break from candy making and get back to working on my cooking of entrees. Seeing as I am at home with nothing to do most days, when not out shopping,  watching daytime tv or painting my toenails and eating bonbons obviously, I have time to cook meals for everyone to have when home from school and work. We've just gotten back from the store after getting everything in for about 2 or 3 weeks worth of meals. That's my time sorted then!

14 year olds & Green Cards

Did you know that you need to get a new green card when you turn 14? Do you know the reason why? No really, I'd like to know why. ...