Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Any friends or family willing to send me care packages will be greatly appreciated!

If I am friends with you on Facebook or you follow me on Twitter then you will already know about this annoyance. If you are thinking, "enough already with the moaning about it. It's just a chocolate bar", you can just bugger off.

I wrote on World Market's Facebook wall asking about why there was no British Cadbury's Dairy Milk bars for sale online or in their stores and they replied asking me to email them. I emailed them the exact same question and they replied to me. This is what they said.

I blame Kraft foods. They bought Cadbury's for an obscene amount of money in 2010 and they probably want people to buy the Hershey's version of Cadbury's rather than the British version. However, due to the disparity between the number of places in the US you can buy Hershey's Cadbury's to the number of places you can buy the British Cadbury's would mean that they can't be losing that much money. I seriously would rather eat vomit than eat Hershey's Cadbury's. Ghirardelli chocolate is ok and I will eat that. I can't eat really rich chocolate or plain/dark chocolate. It does make me physically sick. In my personal opinion a lot of American chocolate tastes stale. It sort of tastes off. I know this is because I was brought up with the British stuff but so what. I do not like Hershey's chocolate. My kids will probably be fine with the American stuff as they get older as their taste buds will adapt to it. Plus we don't give them much chocolate anyway as they are kids after all and kids should not eat too much chocolate. Their mother on the other hand is a different matter altogether.


  1. Is it because American chocolate has less sugar in it and more HFCS? I too much prefer British chocolate (and candy). It brings to mind that episode of the Simpsons where they go to London and trip out on British candy (it's a Trainspotting parody).

  2. Oh you are kidding me? Obviously haven't been to World Market in a while, but that's just not fair.

  3. I think this is Hershey's doing, not Kraft. It's not in Kraft's interest to have a rival company distributing their brand, but they have to comply with the contract that Cadbury stupidly signed back in the 80's for Hershey to distribute their chocolate products in the USA. Hershey have the authority to send cease and desist letters to retailers distributing Cadbury chocolate in the US, Kraft have no such authority while the contact is still current.

  4. Oh wow I guess I didn't notice last week when I was in the world market near us maybe I was too excited to find robinsons juice (as I hate American juice almost as much as the chocolate) and I did find mars bars which I hadn't seen before :-) Looks like I might have to persuade any family coming over to bring a case full of Cadbury's not sure I can go without I need it to relieve my grumpiness ;-)

  5. This is making my head spin. And no you are not making a mountain out of a molehill. I'm a Brit in USA and while I have not bought Cadbury's here I would have thought that if Hershey's is licenced to make Cadbury's they would have to use the same recipe? So what it just tastes like that ghastly Hershey's chocolate?? If so that is a traversty of justice!
    My in laws were just here from Ireland and they brought me 15 gigantic Cadbury's choc bars in all the different flavors. It was heaven but in the end my husband had to confiscate them because I was scoffing them like there was no tomorrow!

  6. I did used to live with a member of the Cadbury family 15 years ago, some time after they sold the firm, but I am not a big chocolate eater. My UK candy thing is Kendal mintcake (Kendal is my hometown).

    I've never used World Market but I will check it out. Is it not possible to get Cadbury's choc via eBay?

  7. I hate Hershey chocolate too, I have managed to substitute Aldi chocolate for Cadbury chic, it's not the same but if you have an Aldi store nearby give it a try, anything is better than Hershey's.


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