Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hair & Heat

Frizzy is usually the best word to use to describe my hair. The humidity in the South is ridiculous. I have all manner of products upstairs in the bathroom that are supposed to calm/tame/deal with frizzy hair. Sometimes they work but more often than not they don't. In the UK I only had to deal with frizzy hair if I had been out without an umbrella and it rained. That was a lot of the time I will admit though.

In Northampton the salon I went to to get my hair cut and colored would cost me about £100 and where I go in South Carolina it costs me, including a $20 tip, $156. If you were to ask Ben he would say that both of those prices amount to daylight robbery. Of course this would be coming from a man with no hair at all on his head. Even when we take Z to get his haircut, like we did a few days ago, it was about $15. K wants her hair cut but she seems to forget the fact that she won't be able to wear her hair in a ponytail and all her bobbles will be redundant. She may want short hair one day but I can guarantee the very next day we would have a hissy fit because her hair isn't long enough to braid.

In order to save money for a while, I resorted to coloring my hair at home with boxed hair dye. I haven't used it since January and the black is still in bits of my hair! I have been trying to go lighter and my new stylist has been doing it gradually.

I had been wanting to get my hair all chopped off and have it short again as the summer heat was getting a bit unbearable. We are now in Fall though so it should start to cool off a bit. Not always be near 100F everyday and the humidity should not be so full on. You'd think so wouldn't you? I checked the weather for Mount Pleasant for last winter, specifically December. I am wondering when I am going to be able to wear all of my sweaters again as there is no chance of me wearing them just now. Lets just say the weather in Mount Pleasant and the weather in Carmel were a bit different. (Temperatures shown are in Fahrenheit not Celsius)

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  1. I've given up fighting the frizzies, it's this Southern humidity thing, chances of it going away before I lose all of my hair, are naught !
    Lovely to visit another expat, before long, we'll have our own colony :)


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