Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Halloween and Curry

We went to a fantastic Halloween Party last year when we were living in Indiana. Ben recently started going on about the fact he wanted to go to a party this year and he was contemplating hosting one in our tiny house.

Today however, one of his co-workers gave him an invitation to a party they are hosting.

If this is the invitation then I can't imagine what the party will be like!

Only me and Ben are invited so we need to get 2 Halloween costumes and a babysitter sorted out in the next couple of weeks. I asked our neighbor if there were many trick or treaters last year as we had no one come round to our house in Carmel. I suppose it is a good thing that my neighbor said they got LOADS of trick or treaters come round and that she actually ran out of candy and he husband went out for more. (She had said she would have been happy to just switch off the porch light!) So, I guess I am going to be making a trip to the store to get some bags of Halloween candy.

 Ben has also decided to have a curry night and has invited a bunch of people round for homemade curry. We are going to have to buy some bar stools or something as we don't have enough seating for everyone that is coming. One good thing is that he has said he will have to do a couple practice runs of making some curries before everyone comes round. Need to make sure that it tastes just right. I am more than happy to be the taste tester as Ben makes a very good curry. Just need to find some naan bread, popadoms(sp) and chutneys too.

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