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Honor Roll & Terrific Kids

I did fairly well at school. I was an average student. I probably got mainly B grades. Never exceptional but I got by. There was no scheme/program at my High School that acknowledged all the straight A students or students that consistently performed well. There may be now but there wasn't when I was at school.

In the US, and probably other countries, there is the Honor Roll. I never really knew what it was all about. I didn't get on it when I was an Exchange Student in Michigan and never really paid much attention to it.

Today Z & K came home with their report cards for the 1st 9 weeks of school. K is in 2nd Grade and Z is in 3rd Grade. Z started medication for his ADD the day before starting back to school.

K has been chosen as a 'Terrific Kid' Representative for her class and will be recognized at a 'Celebration Ceremony' next week.

Z got all As and 1 B+ and has made the Honor Roll. He will be recognized at a 'Celebration Program' this Thursday.

Christmas. British Style.

It is almost November. I won't mention the fact it will be 73F/23C on Guy Fawkes Night. That will be the warmest November 5th I will ever have experienced.

November brings Thanksgiving but December brings Christmas and there is something that has been part of my Christmas for all of my life and has been missing for a couple Christmases here in the US. (Mainly due to my dislike of American chocolate.)

Today I received in the mail a package from a friend in the UK. It was a lovely surprise and not at all expected but it means that I will be able to have the Christmas experience that I've had since I was a little girl. Now there are 3 calendars and 4 people live in my house.....

Halloween - Have You Got Money To Spend?

It is Halloween soon. Did you know that? I'd never have known. It's not like there is much stuff around in the stores.

Of course I am lying. There is stuff EVERYWHERE! Talk about commercialism! Wow! Costume stores are one thing but when there is something in almost every store you go into it gets a bit much. Can't even go to the store for milk without seeing at least dozen Halloween specific things.

I was just at one of the Wal-Mart stores near me and in the space of a few minutes I saw so much stuff that has been repackaged just for Halloween. It is only for 1 day isn't it? It's not secretly a week long? Is it as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving? I don't think so but the sheer volume of products out there with packaging just for Halloween is mind boggling! Plus most of it is aimed at children. (Although I admit I bought a bag of the candy corn M&Ms today.)

There are whole, and really long, aisles of candy for Halloween. Bags with 10 pieces of candy. Bags wi…

The 2012 Conde Nast Traveler Top 10 City in USA is....

.....Charleston, South Carolina! Just over the Ravenel Bridge from where I live in Mount Pleasant.

And Charleston says thank you.

Comment Moderation & Word Verification

Due to the sheer volume of spam comments I have been getting on this blog I have turned on 'word verification'. I don't get many comments on the blog anyway but I needed to turn on verification because I was getting so many comments coming through to me via email because I have comment moderation turned on. It was really starting to irritate me. So, if anyone ever feels the desire to comment on this blog and doesn't like having the word verification thing there, then you can blame the spammers.

The Downside

As great as it is living in the US there is always the odd downer. Recently one smacked me in the face. I became an aunt for the first time. My brother and sister in law had a baby a couple days ago and I now have the mot beautiful niece. I have been sent pictures of her by my brother and she looks so adorable. We even share a middle name. I am hopeful to see her before she is one. In any event I am going to be the best aunt she could ever imagine having.

Shopping For A Nerdy Girl

Shopping is a national pastime in the US. It is all going to get a bit ridiculous the closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and people go mental at the stores with stupidly reduced discounts on things. I've never been brave enough to go, yet. I am sure I will one day. I am more of a power shopper and do better on my own. I like to get in, find what I want and buy it quickly with minimal fuss. Not an easy thing to do sometimes. I like the ease of shopping online. Perhaps it is too easy.

I am trying to be a bit more grown up and embrace my feminine side a bit more. By that I mean I am going to try wearing heels and try making more care of my skin/appearance. I got an email from offering me 50% off a pair of shoes from their website. (I'm more of a bag lady but thought I'd take advantage of the offer.) I got the pair of boots called Gemma. All I need to do now is practice walking in them.

To counteract the girly side of …