Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween - Have You Got Money To Spend?

It is Halloween soon. Did you know that? I'd never have known. It's not like there is much stuff around in the stores.

Of course I am lying. There is stuff EVERYWHERE! Talk about commercialism! Wow! Costume stores are one thing but when there is something in almost every store you go into it gets a bit much. Can't even go to the store for milk without seeing at least dozen Halloween specific things.

I was just at one of the Wal-Mart stores near me and in the space of a few minutes I saw so much stuff that has been repackaged just for Halloween. It is only for 1 day isn't it? It's not secretly a week long? Is it as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving? I don't think so but the sheer volume of products out there with packaging just for Halloween is mind boggling! Plus most of it is aimed at children. (Although I admit I bought a bag of the candy corn M&Ms today.)

There are whole, and really long, aisles of candy for Halloween. Bags with 10 pieces of candy. Bags with 20 pieces of candy. Bags with 250 pieces of candy!! We don't have any trick or treat candy yet. Last year I bought 2 bags from Walgreens and we only got 4 kids come to the door and 2 of them were my own children! Our neighbor has said that there will be loads of kids this year but I am not sure if we will be home as we will be taking our own kids out trick or treating. hmmmm. decisions decisions!

I have been to a Halloween party this past weekend and K also went to one at her friends house. Z has not gone to a party but he does not seem all that bothered. We are going to be taking them both trick or treating on Halloween night but that is it for us going to parties. My Halloween costume is actually on eBay right now. I got a wedding dress from Goodwill and 'zombiefied' it. Ben got a suit from the same Goodwill and tore it up and rolled around in the dirt. Bizarrely I don't usually dress up, for anything so no idea what got into me this time!
Every year since we have been in the US, I have gotten more and more caught up in it all. First year, no costume. Second year, a lovely polyester black & white stripe prisoner outfit. This year, full on liquid latex, fake blood, lots of make-up, a wig and a customized dress! What on earth will I do for Halloween 2013?!

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  1. Love it. I have been collecting stuff (from the sales) over the years so our house is now decorated inside and out. I have the excuse of having a 9 year old...LOL
    Apparently Thanksgiving is the biggest-selling "holiday" other than Christmas.


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