Thursday, October 4, 2012

Shopping For A Nerdy Girl

Shopping is a national pastime in the US. It is all going to get a bit ridiculous the closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and people go mental at the stores with stupidly reduced discounts on things. I've never been brave enough to go, yet. I am sure I will one day. I am more of a power shopper and do better on my own. I like to get in, find what I want and buy it quickly with minimal fuss. Not an easy thing to do sometimes. I like the ease of shopping online. Perhaps it is too easy.

I am trying to be a bit more grown up and embrace my feminine side a bit more. By that I mean I am going to try wearing heels and try making more care of my skin/appearance. I got an email from offering me 50% off a pair of shoes from their website. (I'm more of a bag lady but thought I'd take advantage of the offer.) I got the pair of boots called Gemma. All I need to do now is practice walking in them.

To counteract the girly side of this recent purchase I also bought some new case for my iPhone. I have been rocking a bright pink retro Game-boy style case recently but decided it was time to try something new. I really pushed the boat out and spent $2.50 on a 3 pack of new cases. I got them from Amazon. You can get pretty much anything your heart desires from Amazon. I am sure Ben will pinch one of these as he had one a while ago but subsequently lost it. I am waiting for another case  with a Union Jack design on it which is being sent from Hong Kong.

While you can buy a lot of stuff online, sometimes you need to go into a store. I mentioned before that we have been invited to a Halloween party. I don't usually do dressing up but have decided to give it a go this year. Wouldn't want to be the odd one out. Plus Halloween is a much bigger deal here than it is in the UK. Last weekend Ben and I were out with K, we'd dropped Z off at a friends house for a birthday party, and we ended up in a local Goodwill store where I think I found my Halloween costume. It is a very 80's wedding dress. It will cost $60 and I would be ripping it and squirting fake blood on it. That's not too bad is it? Unless someones dream is to look like a bride from 1984 then I don't think I'll be ruining anyone's possible future wedding. My plan is to look like a zombie bride. I am planning to go back to Goodwill this weekend and see if they still have the dress. If it fits then I am getting it. (I was at a Halloween party last year and there was a couple there who were dressed like a zombie bride and groom. It was very cool.) I'm sure it would be easier, and probably cheaper, to buy a costume but I think this will be more fun.

I've been looking at YouTube for ideas for make up and I think this is a more realistic one for me to try.

All being well I'll post pictures of dress and the end effect when we go to the party.

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