Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Lights Up" at Mount Pleasant Towne Center

We went to see the Christmas lights switched on on the Christmas tree yesterday. The tree is just outside Belk in Mount Pleasant Towne Center.

Last year we were in Carmel and went to Holiday on the Square and saw their Christmas lights switched on.

There were no palm trees with Christmas lights on them in Carmel. That was a first for us yesterday, never seen that before.

Some of the baubles appeared to have fallen off the tree. Not sure how big the tree would be that would fit that bauble! Although a lot of stuff is bigger in the US than in the UK.

Z and K enjoyed seeing all the lights and getting a few free samples of food and candy. Once the tree was lit there was a laser show and K danced around like a loon with our neighbors little girl. Z was not so keen on dancing but did enjoy laughing at some of the laser show.

It was a bit chilly and we wore our sweaters but it was no where near as cold as it was in Carmel. Some people were wearing hats and scarfs and sweaters etc but if you spend a long time in the south then you feel the cold sooner than those in the north. People say it is cold here when it is in the mid 40s (Fahrenheit obviously) but in Indiana we were used to it getting to be around low 30s and mid 20s and that was cold!

I did a video of some of the laser show but held my phone the wrong way round so it is not full screen.

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