Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Closing in on Christmas 2012

We are nearly at Christmas. That's what the calendar says anyway. The calendar tells me it is December. If that is in fact true then how was I able to go to the beach last week without losing feeling in my extremities and wander along the sand wearing just jeans and t-shirt?

I dropped Ben off at work. Z & K were at school. I dropped off some books at the library. Picked up lunch from Publix. Picked up Z's meds from CVS, waited for repair man to come and fix our loo and got to the beach by 10am. Sunny day, hardly and clouds in the sky and not cold.

Ben and I went to the beach with Z and watched the sunrise and sunset whilst K was at Girl Scout camp and we got some great pictures. Unfortunately K was not with us and we wanted to get a shot of the 4 of us at the sun rose or set. So we tried on Saturday. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast when we got there. (Please excuse my big old backside in this pic.)We are going to try again this Friday as it will be sunny once again and not too cold. Z & K are off school for Christmas break from Thursday so they won't be too put out at getting up at silly o'clock to get to the beach for about 6.30am.

All these visits to the beach really make my brain hurt when it realizes that it is in fact December. It is going to be our 4th Christmas in America next week. (My 5th ever Christmas in the US)

I know it is almost Christmas because we have our tree up.

I know it is almost Christmas because we have been to a Christmas parade.

I know it is almost Christmas because the kids have seen Santa.

I know it is almost Christmas because I am not yet finished Christmas shopping.

I know it is almost Christmas because we have see the Christmas lights switch on in Mount Pleasant.

I know it is almost Christmas because we have been to see the Festival of Lights in James Island.

I  know it is almost Christmas because Ben's work have had their annual 'Toys for Tots' celebration.

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