Tuesday, December 4, 2012

USPS and My Problem with Them.

I had to complain to USPS about my mail not being collected from my mailbox and I've gotten a sarcastic note from my mail carrier. Lovely! I am apparently putting my outgoing mail in the wrong mailbox. I only have 1 mailbox. I cannot access my neighbors mailboxes as they are all locked. I'd like to know where I am putting my mail that is causing so much problem!

I have one box. One little shiny metal square that I have a key to open. A key that I had to pay $35 for! When you open the box that is all there is. One box = one place to put mail. The back of the bank of boxes, there are about 16 mailboxes, opens as one big door and only the mail carrier person has access to that. There literally is nowhere else I can leave mail that I want to send. To avoid further grief I think I may just drive to the nearest blue mailbox, at the post office, and put any mail I want to send in there. Usually my mail gets collected from my mailbox 70% of the time on the day I put it in there. 

We were away for Thanksgiving and I put our mail on hold. Or so I thought. From the Tuesday before Thanksgiving we were to get no mail delivered and it was all to be delivered on the Monday after Thanksgiving. We got back on the Sunday evening and watched a Netflix dvd we had. I wanted to mail it back so went to the mailbox to put it in there so it would be collected on the Monday. I opened the door to see it stuffed full of mail.

I spoke to my neighbor who has lived in the house next door for a couple of years. He said he puts his outgoing mail in his mailbox. The larger boxes that are next to the metal bank of mailboxes are apparently for large packages. However, all the large packages I have had have been left next to my front door. My neighbor thinks there is an 'outgoing' mailbox a bit further down the street but is not totally sure where. He's lived in this neighborhood for at least 3 years and he doesn't know! He said our mail carrier is different every week. Perhaps if they were not always chatting on their cell phone they could pay better attention and might not miss my mail!

I have actually had to complain several times as I never get a response. When I do get a response it is this lovely little note. I'm not sure who would win in the battle between USPS and Royal Mail. It would be a tight race. 

EDIT on Wednesday December 5: To end the mail hoo-haa I seem to be having, I left a polite note for the mail carrier who in turn left a polite note for me. They have told me where the 'outgoing' mail box is. It turns out it is down the street at another bank of mailboxes. Why they couldn't all have an outgoing box is beyond me but at least now I know! If I want to mail something I am to either walk down the street for a couple minutes and place it in an 'outgoing mail' slot or drive to the nearest post box at the Post Office.


  1. See - this is why I had a feckin' letter box put in my front door. I walk down the street to post my stuff and what I am having delivered comes through my door (if the dog doesn't get it first). I was sick of all the rules and regulations about mail boxes on the street - and I don't even live in the 'burbs.
    (You may have inspired a BBC America post. I will credit you.)

  2. Usually letter carriers will not pick up out of a keyed box. (They would have to look through all the mail to see which is incoming and which is outgoing).
    Look around and you most likely will find a slot where you are to put your outgoing letters. This is for you and all your neighbors to share. The note from your carrier suggests there is one there, you just have not yet noticed it. Ask one of your neighbors where it might be if you don't see it.

  3. There is no slot. I have spoken to my neighbor and he does what I do. When they open the back of the mailboxes they can see inside all of them. It would be just like if they were delivering mail to a regular single mailbox by the street. Most of the time it is taken but on the odd occasion it is not and it irritates me. Perhaps I will leave a note tomorrow asking where I am supposed to put it.

  4. Good luck. I've never met a surly letter carrier (however the workers at the Post Office itself are another story). I'm sure he or she will be glad to help.

  5. The joys of dealing with govmt agencies... mediocre, slow and almost impossible to get to admit they are in the wrong. USPS has always had a bad reputation. Here in Australia, Aus post seems to be run more like a private company and is not too bad.

    In the 90s, before Australia Telecom lost it's monopoly on telecoms, they were notorious for their poor and very slow service. All the best in the USA , it's always impressed me by the go-for-it and friendly attitude.


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