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Brownie Girl Scout & Sir David Attenborough & Yogurt

K is back to selling Girl Scout cookies again. There is a new flavor out this year and we have ordered 1 box of each flavor. Just 1 box of each. K finally got the badges she has earned so far for Fall Sales and whilst on the camp out she went on in November. I am so thankful for iron on patches! Only one didn't iron on and I had to put a little stitch in the middle of it to hold it on.

Z has been watching Sir David Attenborough's"Africa" with me and after discussing it for a while, he decided he wanted to write to him and also send a drawing. He wrong a long letter and included 2 drawings. Being the good mother I am, I went to the post office and got an International Reply Coupon and mailed his letter to Sir David's production company in England. Yesterday when I was getting the mail I noticed and international airmail envelope addressed to Z. It was not on this occasion a reply from Sir David but a lovely letter from his daughter Susan saying he was out of the co…

Bit Cold?

I have lived in a few different places and I've adapted to the weather in each place. Just like summer, winter is not the same in each place.

What is cold in Edinburgh is really cold in Northampton. What is cold in Mount Pleasant is practically tropical in Carmel.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina morning in mid January is not too bad and I have acclimatized to it, god knows how I'd cope in the North now!

But up in Carmel, Indiana it is a bit colder. I've read that it's the coldest up there that it has been for a couple of years. It is so cold that schools are on a 2 hour delay. We were in Indiana when that god awful ice storm came through in January 2011. Schools were closed for almost the whole week. But when the ground outside is like an ice rink, literally, it is not safe to leave the house. Freezing rain is not something that happens in the UK. (No freezing rain is not the same as sleet or hail it is an entirely different thing and can be deadly.)

That puts in perspect…

Valentine's Day Ideas & Freaky Mannequins

It is almost the end of January. Can you believe it? 2013 is going by quickly. All the Christmas stuff was out of the shops before New Years Eve and Valentines stuff was in its place. When I was at Bi-Lo a week or so ago I saw this 'gift' idea and I have to say if Ben bought this for me I would not be impressed!

6 cans of Budweiser, a pack of Twizzlers, some beef jerky and a teeny tiny box of chocolates. Mmmm, just what you want from your Valentine! (Or perhaps not!)

We went to the Citadel Mall just before New Years as I needed to get a link removed from my new watch. We went past a store that sold wigs and hair products and I was fascinated by the mannequin heads in the window. What is making those 2 in the middle laugh? What makes someone design a mannequin head like that and what on earth possesses a store to use it? I am not so sure you'd see these in Macy's or Bloomingdales!

EB-2 Green Card Application

Just a quickie. Yep, Ben is having his green card application processed through the EB-2 category which means we won't have a 6+ year wait for it to be completed as that category is current, unlike EB-3. Hopefully it will be within 12-18 months. The PERM process has started, it is not a simple 1 step process and a series of things need to be done first, and hopefully soon the application will be sent to USCIS for them to approve.

Eye Surgery

For a while now K has had a turn in her right eye. It wasn't too bad to begin with but it has slowly gotten more obvious as the years have passed. She compensated by tilting her head to the side, squinting or simply shutting her left eye to help her put everything in focus. Her vision is fine, her last eye exam said she didn't need glasses but her eye doctor said she could have corrective surgery to fix the bottom muscle in her eye so that her two eye would be level.

We thought about it and discussed it and decided to go ahead with it.

Her surgery was being done at MUSC by Dr Cheeseman. He has been great with K on her appointments at Storm Eye Institute and always chats with her brother too which was great when we were at hospital as Z was a bit stressed and Dr Cheeseman helped put his mind at ease.

The whole thing hardly took any time at all and before we knew it I was being taken through to recovery to be with K as she woke up. It was advised not to let Z go through as he wou…

It's A Small World but It's A Big Country

The kids and I arrived in the US on October 29 2009. We landed in Houston and that was the first time my kids set foot on US soil. In the following couple of year those lucky little buggers have been all over the place. We have gone on lots of road trips and day breaks to various places. For a while it was because we just didn't know how long we were going to be in the US for, then after a while we traveled because we liked to go out and about and see new things. (We also still didn't know how long we would be here for so figured we'd make the most of it.) Before we came to the US, they had already traveled to various places in Scotland and England as well as to France, Portugal and Majorca. They have also been to Canada now too.

In their short time in America they have been to/in:
Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texa…

Comic Con, Canopy Tours & Green Cards

Last year I mentioned to Ben that I wanted to go to Comic Con and NerdHQ in San Diego in July this year. It starts on my birthday and lasts until the Sunday following. Until now I figured I would fly out to California and Ben would stay in South Carolina with the kids. Hmmm. He has been thinking about making it into a family vacation. We all fly out to California and whilst I am getting my nerd on, he will be out and about with the kids (zoo, SeaWorld etc.) Once Comic Con is finished we will hire a car and drive to Los Angeles and go to Disneyland and take in the sights of LA. Then drive up to San Francisco and see the Golden Gate Bridge and Fishermans Wharf etc in the city. Ben and I went to California in 2001 for our honeymoon and the kids have not been further west in the US than New Orleans,LA and St Louis, MO. It would be nice to take them to California and show them the Pacific Ocean as they have spent loads of time in the Atlantic Ocean since we moved to South Carolina. Of cour…