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Bit Cold?

I have lived in a few different places and I've adapted to the weather in each place. Just like summer, winter is not the same in each place.

What is cold in Edinburgh is really cold in Northampton. What is cold in Mount Pleasant is practically tropical in Carmel.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina morning in mid January is not too bad and I have acclimatized to it, god knows how I'd cope in the North now!

But up in Carmel, Indiana it is a bit colder. I've read that it's the coldest up there that it has been for a couple of years. It is so cold that schools are on a 2 hour delay. We were in Indiana when that god awful ice storm came through in January 2011. Schools were closed for almost the whole week. But when the ground outside is like an ice rink, literally, it is not safe to leave the house. Freezing rain is not something that happens in the UK. (No freezing rain is not the same as sleet or hail it is an entirely different thing and can be deadly.)

That puts in perspective the temperature in Northampton. I've seen the news reports and seen the photos on friends Facebook pages and they seem pretty split on liking the snow and hating it. None like the cold though. I do remember having major issues trying to leave work one day and having to dig my little Corsa out of its space in the car park. It took me about 3 times the normal time to get home and half way through the journey I skidded and almost collided with a double decker bus. The following day I couldn't get my car out of the garage so had to call in work and say I wouldn't be there. School was cancelled that day too. That was a very unusual few days though. That much snow was not the norm.

From what I remember Edinburgh always has a pretty typical winter and they just get on with it. They get a bit of snow and a lot of slush. It is always cold and mostly wet. Growing up in the city I don't remember there being much snow. A lot of gross brown slush but no snow. (I know it must have snowed for there to be slush.) I did have a sled and I did go sledding down a big hill but most of that would have been on ice and slush with a little snow. We only stopped when we hit the fence at the church car park. The hill was behind a Shell petrol/gas station and at the bottom was a road and then a church which acted as our stop line.

I know the cold that Indiana gets it is nothing compared to other places in the North of the US or places like Canada and Russia but I've not lived there.


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