Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brownie Girl Scout & Sir David Attenborough & Yogurt

K is back to selling Girl Scout cookies again. There is a new flavor out this year and we have ordered 1 box of each flavor. Just 1 box of each. K finally got the badges she has earned so far for Fall Sales and whilst on the camp out she went on in November. I am so thankful for iron on patches! Only one didn't iron on and I had to put a little stitch in the middle of it to hold it on.

Z has been watching Sir David Attenborough's "Africa" with me and after discussing it for a while, he decided he wanted to write to him and also send a drawing. He wrong a long letter and included 2 drawings. Being the good mother I am, I went to the post office and got an International Reply Coupon and mailed his letter to Sir David's production company in England. Yesterday when I was getting the mail I noticed and international airmail envelope addressed to Z. It was not on this occasion a reply from Sir David but a lovely letter from his daughter Susan saying he was out of the country filming and would see Z's letter and drawings when he got back to the UK. It made Z very happy and he is still hopeful he will get a reply from the man himself.

So, K is getting Girl Scout badges and Z is on the precipice of getting a reply from one of the most inspiring educators of our time who also happens to be a Knight, am I getting anything? Well, nothing that exciting. Ben got me a new pair of running shoes and I bought some biscuits for when I have some tea and yogurt. Such excitement was had by all. (You'd better believe the excitement that was had in the grocery store when I spied the yogurt!)


  1. Wow - very impressed that an Attenborough family member would take the trouble to write back.

  2. 'Africa' is awe inspiring and it is so great that it is inspiring young people (and old)! I really like the picture of the biscuits and cuppa - I have been thinking about what I will miss when I finally get to the US and I am slightly obsessed with how much I will miss Cornish pasties!

  3. I always want to order Girl Scout cookies but I'm not sure if you guys are allowed to send to the UK?

    A question - what kinds of foods do you miss from the UK?

    1. You can send them abroad but the cost of mailing outweighs the costs of the cookies.
      As for me I miss good old fashioned Cadbury's Dairy Milk.


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