Sunday, January 20, 2013

Eye Surgery

For a while now K has had a turn in her right eye. It wasn't too bad to begin with but it has slowly gotten more obvious as the years have passed. She compensated by tilting her head to the side, squinting or simply shutting her left eye to help her put everything in focus. Her vision is fine, her last eye exam said she didn't need glasses but her eye doctor said she could have corrective surgery to fix the bottom muscle in her eye so that her two eye would be level.

We thought about it and discussed it and decided to go ahead with it.

Her surgery was being done at MUSC by Dr Cheeseman. He has been great with K on her appointments at Storm Eye Institute and always chats with her brother too which was great when we were at hospital as Z was a bit stressed and Dr Cheeseman helped put his mind at ease.

The whole thing hardly took any time at all and before we knew it I was being taken through to recovery to be with K as she woke up. It was advised not to let Z go through as he would probably get upset seeing his sister like that. She had general anesthetic so was knocked out completely and doesn't even remember being wheeled through to the OR.

We had arrived at the hospital at 11am and we were on our way home at about 3.30pm. K was feeling a little sick so we delayed leaving the hospital for a while. She was given some eye drops and a gel that I am to put on her eye for 5 days and a follow up appointment at Storm Eye Institute in Mount Pleasant at the end of February. All the nurses and hospital staff we saw in the hospital were great. Even Geraldine who we saw at check in and was telling us just how much the surgery was likely to be. Lets just say K has now met her individual deductible with our health insurance and some. [As a side note, due to our low premiums for our new health insurance and higher deductible, Z's meds for his ADD have gone from $10 a month to $127 until  the deductible is met!]

The incision was done at the lower part of her eye so will not be visible. She has dissolving stitches so we don't have to go back to get them out. The bruising around her eye is not too bad just now and it is not as bloody looking as we were warned it would look. Still pretty icky though. She is not too keen on having the eye drops but the drops this morning were not as stressful as the drops I did yesterday. I put the gel on her eye last night whilst she slept so she didn't fuss. I did tell her I was going to do that though so when she did wake slightly she didn't freak out. I'm not that mean.

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