Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hoping ...but not holding my breath.

A couple weeks ago I tried to get tickets to Comic Con in San Diego.

The site crashed and I got an error screen.

It took ages for the page to finally load for me to get into the waiting room.

The page was supposed to refresh itself every 120 seconds.

Mine stayed as it was for over 45 minutes. (Picture was taken at about 11am Pacific after getting into the waiting room at 9:04am Pacific.). I heard of some peoples screen not refreshing for hours and it showing them still in line even though tickets sold out hours before hand.

My number in line did not change. So I made the rookie error of refreshing the page myself and I got chucked out of the waiting room.

I was not able to get ticket to go to Comic Con. I am still going to go to NerdHQ though. I am all booked for a 2 week vacation in California. Hotel rooms that have been blocked off for Comic Con go on sale today at 9am Pacific. Is it bad of me that I hope that some people who got tickets for Comic Con don't get hotel rooms and they end up returning their badges and those badges go on re-sale? I have a hotel room all sorted after all.

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