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Being on the glorious H4 visa I cannot work so I have to find other things to entertain myself with. I use social media a lot and have connected with lots of different people from all over the place. I sign up to various web sites and get coupons and free samples in the mail. It really is amazing what offers there are out there for getting stuff to try for free. (Please note that Apple is NEVER going to offer something for free, despite what you may see online, specifically and currently on Facebook as a 'for example'!)

One site I signed up for a while ago was Influenster. A few days ago I got my first VoxBox in the mail and was very happy to see it was stuff that I would use and buy. The VoxBox I got was the Sugar 'n' Spice box. This blog post is about the products I received in that box.

Of course no sooner had I opened it than my kids snagged the belVita breakfast biscuit. I have had them before so I know how yummy they are but come on kids! Give me a chance!


St Patrick's Day

What do you do when it is snowing where you used to live in the UK and the weather in the town you lived in Indiana is cold and having wintry weather, and the weather you have is warm and sunny with the temps around 24°C/75°F?

You go out for (green) ice cream and spend the afternoon at the beach, of course.

It was a bit breezy so the people out wind boarding, I think that's what it is called, were going at quite a speed along the water.

Girl Scout Camp

K has gone away again.

We've sent her packing.

Well, until Sunday morning anyway.

She's gone on a Girl Scout 'Outdoor Skills' Camp. She wasn't sure if she wanted to go but decided on the deadline day of handing in permission slips that she did want to go.

This camp out is not near a beach so she shouldn't come home with sand  in everything. She may come home mucky though. It is going to be sunny and about 24°C/75°F so not too bad for sleeping in a tent!

She was happy and smiling when we left her. Even after a visit to the port-a-potty.

When we pick her up on Sunday she will have her Brownie vest back with some new badges added to it as one of her troop leaders offered to do it for all the girls.

I Hate the DMV

I do. I really do. It's always something that causes a problem. This time I thought I would be clever. I would check before I went that my documents would be acceptable. As my visa expired in September I did not want to have to get into an argument with someone and not get my drivers licence renewed. So I emailed them, twice, to check that my I-797C, valid passport, expired passport with expired visa, letter from SSA, current drivers licence and letter from husbands work would suffice to get my licence renewed. They said yes. I also dug out a copy of our lease to take to prove SC residency.  I put everything in a box in our bookcase yesterday. I was all prepared for a conversation about why I don't have a valid visa in my passport. "A visa is an entry document and I have not left the country so I do not need an entry document so therefore I do not need a new visa."

This morning Ben gets everything out that I put in the box, I thought, and we head off to the DMV. It o…