Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Focus and Concentration

Z was diagnosed with ADD just over a year ago and he started taking Adderall and it has just been slightly increased. He was put on the lowest dose, 10mg, of medication for it just before school started in August last year. We will see how he does with the higher dose of 15mg and if it doesn't work out for him then he will go back down to 10mg.

I have had several meetings with his teacher and she has sent me several texts and email messages telling me about his focus and concentration problems in class. His grades are fine. He is not failing
and scores quite highly most of the time. However, his lack of focus and
attention are clearly an issue, possibly more for the teacher than for him. He is always reading in class. He reads encyclopedias and dictionary's  He knows a lot of facts and he has corrected his teacher on a few occasions. She has
complemented him on his extensive vocabulary and that he uses words that some of his classmates do not use and some don't even know what the words mean. He was doing some

homework the other week and couldn't answer one of the questions. He said it was because the question
didn't make sense. I read it and he was right, it didn't make the slightest bit of sense. When he told the teacher she said it was "a problem with the printer." He is also taking part in his first ever Science Fair at school and will be building a model dinosaur and labeling all its parts and explaining what they would have done to catch prey etc. K is going to build a volcano.

When he does focus himself it is almost always on something that interests him. Some people call this 'hyperfocus'. He is interested in Lego, dinosaurs, making clay models and animation. Both Ben and I have time lapse camera apps on our phones, I have Lapse It, and Z has been making stop motion animation. Yesterday he sat for almost 2 hours making several little movies with his Lego and playdoh. I posted one to my YouTube and to my Facebook page to show people how amazing and creative Z is. If he doesn't end up as a paleontolgist or a Marine Biologist he may end up working for Pixar.


  1. It sounds like your son is doing just fine at school. I am/was a primary school teacher (currently not teaching at the moment as doing other things) with experience of working with children with ADHD and ADD. If he is happy, maintaining good work/grades and shows interest in things (even if they are only what he finds interesting/wants to do) then his teacher should not be too worried. As they are aware of his ADD and he is still making progress and dispite his apparent lack of focus it seems to suggest that like many of the children I have taught, he is still taking in what is being said/done in the lessons even though he may appear to be focused elsewhere. This should be understood by the school and only made an issue of if it were to change and his grades were to suffer. It is good to know how he is during lessons and to discuss things that work for him in school and at home. I watched his animation and thought it was brilliant - very talented!

    1. Thank you. He is very talented and I am super proud of him.

  2. We found that as our daughter grew, her ADHD meds needed to be readjusted and it was usually the teachers at school who alerted us.


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