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Sweet Tooth & Nerdiness Returns

I went to the grocery store earlier to get some salad dressing and when I
walked in to the store I was greeted with a display that seemed geared towards Memorial Day and 4th of July. American flags, red white and blue streamers etc. I know 4th of July is a while away yet, but all the flags and associated bits and pieces are starting to appear in stores more and more. Not that they ever really go away though. Americans pride in displaying their love for their country is something that I really admire. In the UK I always felt like it was not an acceptable thing to do. I am sure people would disagree with me but if I had a St Andrews flag or the Union flag outside my house I would probably be accused of being a member of the SNP, and as a result being anti-English, or a member of the BNP. I like 4th of July. it really is a major event. St Georges Day and St Andrews Day have always felt a bit like non-events to me, in America that is never going to be a description used for Independence …

Road Trip Planning

Ben and I have been trying to make sure that we see as much of the US as we possibly can whilst we are here. We are still in the early stages of the green card process and it is not a forgone conclusion that we will be successful. (I am keeping my fingers crossed though.)

All of the places we have been to so far, we have driven to. Our vacation this year involves us flying, but we are normally found on the Interstate working our way towards somewhere new.

I got Ben a book for his birthday that I have been looking through and I think a trip along historic Route 66 is possible. I really hope we can do it as I think it would be fun and we would see a lot of weird and wonderful things, see a lot of the country and go through several states.

Now I have to work out how feasible it is and how long would be sufficient.

Um, has a month really gone by?!

Sorry for the silence. I have been a very bad blogger. I could lie and say
that I/we have not done anything so that is why I have not posted anything. However, if you follow me on Twitter, or are my friend on the Book of Face, then you will know that things have indeed been happening.

So, what has being going on? Well, the biggest thing is that the PWD was finally issued so now Ben's job can be advertised and then after the PERM application can be submitted. Ben cannot be involved in ANY part of the recruitment process. All he can do it wait until he is told the process is complete and that a PERM application is going to be submitted. Once that is in, then we can really start biting our nails. Hopefully it will not take too long but asking how long it will take is like asking how long a piece of string is. As soon as we have any news, I will post it here, there or somewhere.
required steps have been completed, and we move onto the next stage. The I-140 and I-485.

Another big thing …