Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Tooth & Nerdiness Returns

I went to the grocery store earlier to get some salad dressing and when I
walked in to the store I was greeted with a display that seemed geared towards Memorial Day and 4th of July. American flags, red white and blue streamers etc. I know 4th of July is a while away yet, but all the flags and associated bits and pieces are starting to appear in stores more and more. Not that they ever really go away though. Americans pride in displaying their love for their country is something that I really admire. In the UK I always felt like it was not an acceptable thing to do. I am sure people would disagree with me but if I had a St Andrews flag or the Union flag outside my house I would probably be accused of being a member of the SNP, and as a result being anti-English, or a member of the BNP. I like 4th of July. it really is a major event. St Georges Day and St Andrews Day have always felt a bit like non-events to me, in America that is never going to be a description used for Independence Day.

But I digress. I went up to the display and looked at the cakes on the table. There were cupcakes with red, white and blue frosting but the 2 bigger cakes caught my eye. One cake looked like a hamburger and another cake looked like a watermelon. What would possess a person to buy a cake that looked like a burger? I wonder what would be worse for you. A burger or a slice of this cake?

Probably not be a good idea for me to buy either of those cakes. I have finally signed up with a doctor and I go for my medical exam and blood tests tomorrow. Cholesterol, blood sugar levels, the works. A cake is not a good idea as a dessert tonight. However, I get home from doing a few errands and I discover a package from a friend in the UK that is also probably best not eaten tonight.

As an aside, I found out today that there will be a resale on Comic Con tickets sometime in June. Only day badges will be for sale as the 4 day badges have sold out. I will try for a badge but as the demand will again be huge, I will not be too surprised if I fail to get one.


  1. Good luck for the tickets and at the drs
    That hamburger cake looks awesome, but not sure I would want to eat it.
    Enjoy the chocolate

  2. I am not too keen on the big cakes, only because I am not an icing fan (but a definite cake fan). I also love the chocolate package your friend sent you. I have tried (and loved) the Oreo one but I am very keem to find the toffee popcorn one! I've never seen that!
    ♡ Molly


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