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Guest Post: The Fly Away American

Last week I was guest blogger on Jessica's blog The Fly Away American and today she is writing for all of you my lovely readers. She is also featured on Expat-Hub today and you can read her post for that here. Being a Texan and now living in England must be quite a difference and she's making the most of it, which I think is something ALL expats should do.

So, now I give you, Jessica.

My journey from a tiny town in Texas to a fishing village in England has been a long and winding road. I met my fiancé while studying at University when he was on an exchange program with his school from The Netherlands. After several years of long-distance dating and one beautiful daughter spawned from a summer vacation, I relocated to the land of tulips and became a full-fledged  EU resident. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a gypsy soul and after three years in The Netherlands, I had begun to get itchy feet. After my fiancé got a job offer in a small town on England’s south-eastern coast, we pack…

Guest Post at The Fly Away American

I recently did a guest blog post over at The Fly Away American. You can have a gander at it here. Jessica will soon be doing a guest post here. Be sure to look out for it. Well I best be motoring as my kids are leaving school today at 10.40am which is in 15 minutes and tomorrow is their last day at school until August 21st!

Blog of the Month!

I am Expat Blog of the Month over at Expat Blog. :) Yay me!