Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bacon, But Not As We Know It

Bacon is a bit of a grievance with a lot of Expats in the US. American bacon is
nothing like British bacon. If you want to get that here then you have to opt for a
teeny tiny packet of Canadian bacon or pay an arm and a leg to get some from a specialist store and have it shipped to you. I've not tried the latter yet, not enough $$ in the bank.

Americans seem to love their bacon. You can get bacon on your donut. You can get bacon on your popcorn. You can get bacon flavored beer. You can also get a variety of novelty items that are, different to say the least. I spotted these in Robot Candy Co in Mount Pleasant a week or so ago. Why you'd want to clean your hands with bacon smelling soap is beyond me!


  1. I am going to miss British bacon so much! Will give Canadian bacon a whirl, but definitely not the soap!


  2. Yes, you can get bacon or cheese on anything. I am not big on bacon but I might try Canadian bacon sometime.

  3. I am a major bacon lover, I love a good thick crispy American bacon but I was curious how British bacon tasted so I bought some from The British Depot online, it's out of Pennsylvania and they import all kinds of British food and the prices are not bad. The bacon and bangers I ordered were more because it was refrigerated but on dry items shipping to SC is pretty cheap. Anyway it was very good, I still have one more package. Thing is you only get like 5-6 slices. So anyway you might want to check there for your fix of home. ;)


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