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September Already! Must Be Time For An Update.

Last time I posted here it was July and we were getting ready for our
vacation to California. It is now September and a lot has gone on since then.

Yes, we had our vacation and it was great.

We went to San Diego and I went to Comic Con and NerdHQ and met Zachary Levi. We saw a lot of cool things around San Diego that were out around the convention center.

We went to Los Angeles of course we went to Disneyland and Universal Studios theme parks.

We also saw the Hollywood sign and drove around looking at the sights.

We saw the smog and a lot of expensive homes in the Hollywood hills.

We went to San Francisco and saw the Golden Gate Bridge and I found myself
200ft up in a Redwood tree. We went to a museum where I drank out of a toilet. There is a video of my ziplining exploits at the end of this post.

We came back to South Carolina and got ready for going back to school. K went to a friends birthday party that was a horse riding party. Z had his 10th birthday and decided to make a donation…