Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Odd Kids, Halloween and Christmas

It is almost Christmas. I am still getting my head around that due to the fact that it doesn't feel like Christmas. Yes I have a big tree in my living room and twinkly lights on my porch but it is still sunny and relatively warm. We are still going to the beach every so often and have only had to wear winter coats about 2 or 3 times. K is still running after school twice a week for the 100 mile club that she is in and when I go to collect her, most of the kids are in shorts and t-shirts. If we still lived in Indiana then they would be running indoors. K managed to hit the first landmark in the 100 mile club about a month ago and got to 25 miles. She is now closing in on 50 miles.

Both kids are doing well in school still. K made Honor Roll and Z has discovered that he is good at public speaking. He had to do a 5 minute presentation this week and he said the class loved it and he was not at all nervous. (I hate public speaking so he doesn't get that from me). Also thinking about it I am not too keen on running so no idea where K gets her love of running from. Am I sure they are my children?!

We are still force feeding people donuts. I am still working my way through the $500 Dunkin Donuts gift cards I got. So far I've got donuts for Ben's work a couple times, the teachers at the kids school on their workday, both kids classes for Halloween parties, a friend I visited after I saw my surgeon and K's Girl Scout Troop. If anyone else in the Charleston/Mount Pleasant area would like anything from Dunkin Donuts then let me know!

We've had Halloween since my last update. Last year we went to a party at a friends house and I went as a zombie bride. This year I got an ugly dress from eBay and went as an 80s prom date. Well, I thought the dress was ugly. Everyone else thought it was cute! Ben went as death and we got a few interesting looks as we walked from the Battery downtown to the party. A couple kids were playing outside and they just stopped and stared at us as we walked by. I waved at them and said hi. 

We also celebrated our 4th Ameriversary at the end of October. Still no news on our green card process but you can be sure I will update as soon as I hear anything.

We were hoping for my in-laws to visit us for Christmas but due to circumstances they cannot visit us now and we hope to see them in next summer. To make up for the disappointment we are now finding things to fill up our time over the winter break as Ben had already booked the time off.  One thing that we are doing, that the kids are ridiculously excited about, is we are going to IKEA in Atlanta. As there is no IKEA in South Carolina we either need to go to the one in Charlotte, North Carolina or Atlanta, Georgia. Ben has a friend who lives just outside Atlanta so we are going to visit him and also go shopping and buy stuff we don't really need. I am also looking for places that sell British food that are in the Atlanta area. Choices are limited in the Charleston area so I need to do what I can! Although I will say there is something in the pipeline with regards to British food. :)

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  1. There is a place somewhere around Augusta (I think) that sells british products, can't remember the name of it, but I think it is something like the curiosity tea shop??? Think the town begins with a G???


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