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Still Here


I am still here. By here, I mean America. I am still in America.

I have not posted anything on this blog since April 2014. It has been a while. Of course I am not entirely sure that anyone has noticed the lack of posts.

If anyone is interested in what I write here and would like me to continue, please comment.

I started this as a way to keep family in the know about what we were doing here. Unfortunately they didn't read it.

I have posted the odd thing on my Facebook page every now and then.

Basically since April the following has happened.

I went to Comic Con again.
Our greencard application was submitted.
I got my work authorization.
Z started learning to play violin.
K started singing in the school chorus.
We went to New York City for a weekend break.
I won 2 cool prizes from Virgin Atlantic.
Our greencard application stalled as we got an RFE.

Green Card Medical Examination Day!

Today was doctor day in the ongoing process of us getting our green cards to stay in the US permanently.
I have had problems obtaining all of my vaccination history as no where in the UK seemed to still have my medical records. The doctor in England denied having them and the doctor I went to until I was 21 no longer had any records either. I was given some sparse information before we left the UK and had to rely on that. I knew I was missing some vaccinations and that I would need to have them done again. So on Friday I went to see my own doctor for my annual well check and had her give me a Hep B shot and MMR shot. As it was part of my check up I will not be billed anything. (I also had the usual blood sugar check and cholesterol check).

This morning we checked, and double checked, all of our paperwork and got it ready to go. The kids went to school as they normally do but with a note for their teacher that we would be picking them up at 9am to go to the appointment. I had been told…

Quiet Week

Now that Spring Break is over, it is time for a quite week.

Now a lot is happening over the next 7 days. I'm getting my hair dyed. I decided I am really not a fan of the color my hair is turning. We are getting the photos taken for our green cards. We will have the medicals for our green cards. I am going to try to convince my doctor that the information I have about the vaccinations I have, which is not a lot, is sufficient for them to put it all on my file so I can show it to the Civil Surgeon. I'm getting a new wire on my braces. Did I mention I had braces fitted? Yeah, I decided as I am nearing my 40s that it was time to straighten my teeth! The kids have MAP testing at school and are due to have their Spring photos taken. K has actually not had her Fall photo yet that we ordered. We've had her brothers photo sitting in the dining room since before Christmas! The photography studio seem to have their own time zone different to everyone else.

Getting Closer to Green Cards

Yesterday was a bit exciting. 

Yesterday Ben got an email.

He gets hundreds of emails every day but this email was very special. This email told him that the PERM application filed for him had been certified.

It has been a long 208 days since it was filed by the lawyers with the Department of Labor.

Next up is hopefully a straightforward, but expensive, process. I am not going to take anything for granted and assume it will all go smoothly, but I am going to remain positive and hopeful that soon I will have a little piece of plastic in my hand that means I can get (apply for) any job I want and we can live anywhere in the US we want. 

If all 4 of us have medical exam at same time and all adjust status at the same time, it will cost around $4,150. Just to adjust status. It will be more if any of us need any additional vaccinations, and I think I will. Plus there will probably be lawyer fees added on, unless we do the I-485 ourselves and the company only do the I-140.

For my own sanity, and s…

Science Fair

We have been in America for 4 1/2 years. (I know!)

In that time the kids have been immersing themselves in their new American lifestyle. Z has gone to school for the entire 4 1/2 years and K has gone to school for 3 1/2 years. K has done a bit of cheerleading and has a whole list of other stuff she wants to do. Both her and Z have been involved with Scouts. They have both spent more time in American schools than they did in UK schools.

Part of the school experience is Science Fairs. We didn't do anything in the Science Fair when we lived in Carmel. Actually I don't recall if they did it at their school there. When we moved to South Carolina we did start to get involved in it. Last year was the first time they participated and it was a big learning curve. K made a volcano and Z made a model of a dinosaur. They both got participation ribbons. When we went to the event night and got to see all of the other kids science projects I was amazed! These kids were either geniuses or had…

The South is Being All Weird

When we lived in Indiana we were used to snow and ice at winter. It is a common occurrence. It snows EVERY winter. The freezing rain was a new experience for me and when the ice storm came in early 2011 I was very surprised by its impact. The kids ended up being off school for pretty much a whole week and it took us over an hour to free our car from its ice cocoon in the parking lot. We did actually hammer at the ice for a while as it was so solid. (These top 2 pictures show how thick the ice was on our car. The next 2 show ice on our front step and snow that was actually a big solid lump of ice).

I took the trash out to the dumpster one day and fell on my backside no
less than 7 times. I went to see how bad it was at the local Lions Club and had to call my husband to come help me get back as I couldn't get back up a slope that was so slight a baby could have maneuvered over it with ease on a regular day. However on the days immediately following the ice storm this was not possibl…

Where I've Been

A friend posted on FB all the States she has been too and it inspired me to do the same. Looks like I need to go out West more! (Some of these visits were stops on route to somewhere else but as I have been in the State it counts!)