Friday, March 14, 2014

Science Fair

We have been in America for 4 1/2 years. (I know!)

In that time the kids have been immersing themselves in their new American lifestyle. Z has gone to school for the entire 4 1/2 years and K has gone to school for 3 1/2 years. K has done a bit of cheerleading and has a whole list of other stuff she wants to do. Both her and Z have been involved with Scouts. They have both spent more time in American schools than they did in UK schools.

Part of the school experience is Science Fairs. We didn't do anything in the Science Fair when we lived in Carmel. Actually I don't recall if they did it at their school there. When we moved to South Carolina we did start to get involved in it. Last year was the first time they participated and it was a big learning curve. K made a volcano and Z made a model of a dinosaur. They both got participation ribbons. When we went to the event night and got to see all of the other kids science projects I was amazed! These kids were either geniuses or had a lot of help from their parents. I think really a lot of the kids are clever but did get help from their parents.

This year, to help with my sanity, we decided that both Z & K would do
the same project. They would have to submit separate presentation boards but they would do the same work. We decided to do an observation project. (If Z does it next year when he is in 5th grade he will need to do an experiment).

In order to make it even easier and even more stress free we decided to do something that involved stuff we already had and we would not have to go out and buy stuff to do it. We chose to observe store bought bread and homemade bread and see which went moldy and stale first. I make bread regularly so it was easy enough to find a loaf of white bread in the pantry that I had made. We then picked up a loaf of white bread at the store on our usual grocery run. 1 piece of bread of each was placed on a plate and left out in the open. Another piece of bread was then put in a Ziploc bag and sealed. Over the following week the kids looked at the bread and made notes. We then produced some information sheets to put on their presentation board and printed out the pictures we had taken with my phone.

The Science Fair was last night.

K won the 3rd place medal for observations by 3rd graders!
Z won the 1st place medal for observations by 4th graders!

I will admit when they announced the 3rd and 2nd place winners for 4th grade I was convinced Z wasn't going to win so I was SO HAPPY when his name was called as the 1st place winner. The vice principal, who was announcing the winners, actually laughed a little just before he announced Z's name as he had just announced his sisters win in 3rd grade for the same thing. (They both had the same title obviously).

To celebrate we took them both out for fro-yo. They let me wear their medals as they said I was a winner too as I had helped them.

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