Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting Closer to Green Cards

Yesterday was a bit exciting. 

Yesterday Ben got an email.

He gets hundreds of emails every day but this email was very special. This email told him that the PERM application filed for him had been certified.

It has been a long 208 days since it was filed by the lawyers with the Department of Labor.

Next up is hopefully a straightforward, but expensive, process. I am not going to take anything for granted and assume it will all go smoothly, but I am going to remain positive and hopeful that soon I will have a little piece of plastic in my hand that means I can get (apply for) any job I want and we can live anywhere in the US we want. 

If all 4 of us have medical exam at same time and all adjust status at the same time, it will cost around $4,150. Just to adjust status. It will be more if any of us need any additional vaccinations, and I think I will. Plus there will probably be lawyer fees added on, unless we do the I-485 ourselves and the company only do the I-140. 

For my own sanity, and so I know what needs to happen next, I have worked out what needs to be done, what needs to be filed and how much it all costs. I think I have got it right.

I-140 (Petition for Immigrant Worker)
Fee - $580

I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status)
Fee - (over 14) $1070    (Under 14 if 1 parent also filing) $635

I-765 (Employment Authorization)
Fee - $0 if filed with I-485

Optional - I-131 (Application for Travel) In case want to leave country before GC comes through.
Fee - $0 per if filed with I-485

We need to get a medical from a Doctor who is on a list provided by USCIS. There are 14 in all of South Carolina and there are 3 near us.

1 is on Isle of Palms charges $185 per person
1 is in Charleson charges $180 per person if over 14 or $145 per person if under 14
1 is in West Ashley but there is no info on their website about cost of immigration medicals.

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