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The South is Being All Weird

When we lived in Indiana we were used to snow and ice at winter. It is a common occurrence. It snows EVERY winter. The freezing rain was a new experience for me and when the ice storm came in early 2011 I was very surprised by its impact. The kids ended up being off school for pretty much a whole week and it took us over an hour to free our car from its ice cocoon in the parking lot. We did actually hammer at the ice for a while as it was so solid. (These top 2 pictures show how thick the ice was on our car. The next 2 show ice on our front step and snow that was actually a big solid lump of ice).

I took the trash out to the dumpster one day and fell on my backside no
less than 7 times. I went to see how bad it was at the local Lions Club and had to call my husband to come help me get back as I couldn't get back up a slope that was so slight a baby could have maneuvered over it with ease on a regular day. However on the days immediately following the ice storm this was not possibl…