Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Summer,....is hot,....and long,....really, really long.

We are approaching the halfway point between my kids finishing their last year of school and them starting their next year of school. From their last day in 4th and 5th grade to their last day of summer break before starting 5th and 6th grade, they have 75 days of summer break. 10 weeks and 5 days, or 2 months 14 days off school. I recall feeling my summer break was too long when I was a kid and I only got 6 weeks off. I think my mother would have lost her mind if I had had a summer break as long as my kids have. I guess I can sort of understand why they do it. When the days are normally in the mid 90s to low 100s fahrenheit throughout the months of June, July and August, you don't really want kids sitting around in class. The cost of running the a/c in schools would probably be astronomical. Plus there are so many summer camps around that parents, if they can afford it, can send their kiddos to day camp, week long sleepaway camp or even a month long sleepaway camp. My 2 have not had to go away to camp, yet. Mainly because I have not been working hours or days that would necessitate it. That could change though. Next summer I could be working and it may make sense to send both of them to summer camps. I am sure it would go down like a lead balloon but they will just have to suck it up. I was just saying to Z that even though he will be in middle school this coming school year, it does not mean that I would want him home alone all day if I needed to be at work, and his dad could not work from home. I am already considering the fact that we will probably need to buy him a cell phone as middle school starts and finishes at a different time to elementary school so if I am dropping off or picking up his sister from somewhere, I would like him to be able to let me know if he is on way home, or at home already. His father and I have cell phones already and, like a lot of other families, we do not have a landline. So if me or his dad are not home then he would have no way of contacting us. I guess the fact that Z is almost 12, and as a result he is a pre-teen, meaning he is going to be an actual teenager very soon, he is going to get a cell phone whether I am ready for him to have one or not!

The summer break so far has been good though. We went back to the old country, we have bought a new car (swapped out our Toyota for a Chevrolet, so we still only have 1 car), the small blonde one has been to sleepovers and 'playdates' with her friends, we have been to the beach and all of us have gotten sunburn, we have been ploughing through the summer reading requirements for school and we have got together with friends (the grown up kind) and had drinks. We still have the ladybug release to come, buying school supplies, taking kids to their respective schools to pay fees, find out teachers/schedules, get photos take for id and yearbook. Meanwhile I am still working on the set of that HBO show I mentioned before. I am also still applying for regular jobs. Although I have discovered that Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence will be filming a movie in Atlanta soon and I may put myself forward for being an extra for that. Just for a giggle.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Great to stumble on your blog. Always good to make UK connections on this side of the pond. Happy summer!


  2. I love your blog it's been so helpful to me. I spoke to you a little while ago about myself and my family moving to the U.S., I am a little worried about moving my children still, my eldest is 10 and I am so worried how they will transition and settle in, did you have and priblems with your eldest moving and making friends and settling in to school ? Thanks for all your help

    1. No there was no problems with either kid settling in to school when we moved over. They were 4 & 6 when we moved to Indiana and 7 & 9 when we moved to South Carolins. Both made friends easily and quickly. I think their accents helped. Of course K doesn't have much of an English accent any more but Z still does. Where in the U.S. are you moving to?

  3. We've changed our mind several times on where we want to be.. We initially liked the sound of Sioux Falls sd as we both like the simple life, but I think the hubby would find it difficult to find work there so we are struggling on finding somewhere we both like..


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