Monday, January 4, 2016

It's A New Year. First Post of 2016.

The trifle I made at Christmas.
It is 2016.

Holy crap! How did that happen? (I know how it happened, I'm just amazed it is 2016 already)

So, this is going to be a good year. It will.

This year I turn 40. Honestly that is a good thing. Doctors told my parents I'd be dead by Christmas 1976. I plan on having a blow-out in Vegas and getting absolutely blotto with a group of girlfriends.

Before I turn 40 I have 4 things I want to learn.

1: Learn to knit. I am getting on with it, slowly. I have been following these YouTube videos.

2: Learn to dance. The husband has offered to learn with me, I just have to choose what dance I want to learn. I have found a dance school in town and I am going to check them out.

Eddie Izzard after his show in Charleston last month.

3: Learn sign language. I found a course at a local community college, but there is a pre-requisite that I'd need to meet before joining the ASL class. There are loads of online courses though that I think I will have a go at first.

4: Learn to surf. I have found a place that does lessons, and guarantees to get you standing up on a surf board, and I plan on learning after Memorial Day.

My eldest child, Z, turns 13 this year too. His little sister K, starts middle school after the summer break. I may be a wreck by mid October.

In less than 2 weeks it will be the 1 year anniversary of us getting our greencards. I wrote about it here. (I was slightly excited)

We bought some holiday chocolates.
They're all gone now.
In October 2019 I can start the process to get US citizenship and I 100% plan on doing that. I will not give up my British citizenship but simply gain American citizenship.

This year it looks like I will also become self-employed. The husband has declared that he thinks I would be a good social media consultant. He has said he will build me a website. All I need to do is: think of a name for the company (one that is also available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and url, write copy for said website, and do a plethora of online courses in Twitter for Business, Facebook for Business, Social Media Marketing with Twitter and Facebook, Advertising on Twitter, Facebook Advertising Fundamentals, Advanced Facebook Advertising, Online Marketing Fundamentals, and Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan.

This is where I do most of my 10k steps.
I am also, again, hoping to lose weight. I rejoined weightwatchers. I lost over 50 lbs when I did it in the UK, so theoretically I should be able to do it again. I got a Fitbit for Christmas so I'm making a real effort to make sure I hit 10, 000 steps a day. I've managed it for pretty much every day since Christmas.

We should, in the next week or so, finally close on the sale of our house in the UK.  It has been dragging on and I am seriously starting to get irritated by the whole thing. I have come close to saying "screw it, put it back on the market" several times to the real estate agent. Once it does sell we will hopefully be able to buy a house in town and settle properly.

This is one of those boring posts that I have no photos for. Maybe I will just add a couple random ones. Yeah, there you go. There's some photos.


  1. This is my last year of being in my 30's and trying not to think about it. Had no problem turning 30 but 40 umm not too keen. I hope you are able to learn all the new things you want to learn. My best friend and I a few years ago took a knitting class at the Village Knittery here in Summerville, love the place, and we love knitting now. It's something I had too always wanted to learn. I also had always wanted to learn ballroom dancing like waltz style, so my husband and I and two couples I know found a woman at the Goosecreek Naval Weapons Station who was a ballroom dance instructor and taught us for cheap. We never got to finish the lessons but it was so much fun and I would love to start again. I've seen one place in West Ashley but living in Summerville it's a bit too far for us to drive to for lessons. Maybe someday someone will open up a place closer to me as I really want to start again. Have fun! Happy New Year! Oh, I don't know if you saw my recent comments upon just finding your blog recently, but I thought of you didn't know already that is, that if you are looking at British foods you can't find here, The British Food Depot (I think that's it) online has a lot of stuff including bacon and bangers and meat pies though not all the time. Also I don't know if you ever tried Euro Foods in West Ashley but they may have things like bacon, I know they sell Irish bacon. I go there to get polish food. Just thought I would mention it. ;)

    1. Happy New Year to you too. I have some friends who have been to Euro Foods to get Polish food too, (they are Polish), but I've never been to it yet.

  2. Love your blog ! I just found out about it, Good luck with all the 2016 projects! Trying to lose weight here too, baby fat, bleh... here's my blog if you want, I just started :)


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