Friday, July 8, 2016

Middle School!

It's been a while. Sorry. Life can get away with you sometimes. My life is definitely getting away from me! I now have 2 middle schoolers in my house!

We managed to end the school year without incident. Z passed all his classes and is officially in 7th grade. We did think he may be kept back, or passed into 7th grade but with restrictions, because he was failing math class. However, we signed him up with Mathnasium just before Christmas and as a result he did well in the following months and passed math class. He is going to continue to go to Mathnasium on a regular basis because it works and he needs the additional help. It's been a while since I was in a math class! His sister on the other hand, finished off her elementary school years with Honor Roll and singing in her school talent show. We recently got the school class list for both K & Z, and K is in ALL Honors classes once she starts 6th grade. I guess we will see how she goes, and if she really struggles, we may ask for her to switch to a 'regular' class or 2. She should do well in her classes, and they are supposed to challenge her, but it may be a bit of a shock to her system. It wasn't something that was done when I went to school in Scotland, and it is only recently been put in place here in the CCSD system.

We went on vacation to Mexico, and spent 2 weeks at the beach surrounded by palm trees. Oh, wait a second, we can do that here too! Nevertheless, we had a great time, and I can highly recommend Iberostar Paraiso Beach Resort. We saw lots of wildlife, went snorkelling, took a trip to Cozumel, and had a day at Xplor.

When we got back from Mexico, K decided she fancied a change and dyed her hair pink and purple. As you do. We found a vegan temporary hair dye called Manic Panic and she chose Hot Hot Pink and Ultra Violet. (An initial test with Cotton Candy was not successful) It is almost all gone now, and she is trying to decide what color to choose next.

What else, what else? Oh yeah, that HBO show that I worked on, Vice Principals has its premier REALLY soon. Season 1 episode 1 will be on HBO on July 17th at 10:30pm. I will be in Las Vegas myself celebrating my 40th birthday, but I HIGHLY recommend you watching it. It was so much fun to film, and the reviews have been brilliant. It is on all the summer must-watch lists.

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