Friday, April 28, 2017

Sweets From Back Home

Are you a fellow Brit abroad? 

Do you miss sweets like real Cadbury chocolate, not the Hersheys rubbish? I know personally I have regularly requested care packages from friends and family from the UK. Unfortunately, they are not always able to send me anything, and postal costs make it a bit pricey. 

Would you like to be sent British chocolate sent to you on a regular basis, for a low fee? (A subscription service)

I was recently contacted by a British company who do just that. Sweets From Back Home.

They have sent both of my kids a box of chocolates each for us to review. (I did not buy the boxes. They were sent to me to review. Well, to my kids to review)

Both my kids managed to demolish a few candy bars each

before I took them to their math tutor. My son actually managed to start eating one before he finished looking through his box! I have also been told that I am not to have any of them! The boxes were addressed to them so I am not allowed any! Shame really because some of the sweets that were in them reminded me of my childhood, and I wanted to scoff them!

Sweets From Back Home have a subscription service where they will send you a selection of British sweets. (They also send sweets to Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.)

If you are in the US you can get a one time box with 10 different sweets for $19.99.

Or you can get a box for 10 sweets for $19.99 once a month until you cancel.

They also offer the Addict box which has 20 sweets in it for $29.99 a month.

Sweets From Back Home have generously offered my readers 25% off their first box, you just need to use the code ABIA25 during checkout.

They also have a Facebook Page you can check out.

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